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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Russians Are Coming!!!

Very excited at the moment. I finally finished off my first TWO units of Russians today: two battalions of the St. Petersburg division.

All in all I am quite happy with how they turned out for me. The green coats are a little dark - and they should be, but I may go back and add a few highlights of a lighter shade just to make them stand out a little bit more on the battlefield.

I also finished the painting of four guns with a ton of crew as well for the Russians. At the moment they are sitting here as their bases dry after some texturing was applied. Tomorrow I will add some light and dark brown washes to the texture, highlight, then flock in my usual way. At that point they will be completely done and added to my growing mass of troops.

Also on the paint desk is a regiment of Russian hussars - the Izoum regiment. These guys are about 60% done so far. I just need to finish off some details on the uniforms, paint up the flag - not even sure what this looks like yet - and all done and ready for basing. After these guys I will start painting up two units of grenadiers. Hopefully by the end of the week these will be almost done as well, if not completed.

I am really impressed by the 10mm scale miniatures. I was hesitant at first - being a devoted 15mm collector. I took the chance with some Old Glory 10's and WOW! I am impressed indeed. They paint up so well and fast all I can say is I am hooked on this scale. What do you guys think?

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