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Monday, December 7, 2015

Clash at Sippitz Bridge, 1812 - Part 3 (Blucher BatRep)

Here is part 3, the final part, to the Clash at Sippitz Bridge AAR for Blucher. Take note this battle was played SOLO. If you haven't read the previous parts, here are the links below.

Part 1
Part 2

As the fighting had lulled over near the bridge, drums were beating on the Saxon part of the field. Knowing full well their orders to "...defend the gap at all cost" was about to be put to the test, the Saxon commander made a bold choice. Upon seeing the Russian columns of infantry pause their advance upon them, and taking on the example of the French dragoons, the orders were issued to advance on the enemy before them! Defensive posture abandoned, the white columns began their advance. Cannon let loose the final volley, and the drums beat a quick pace. The Russians would be caught flat-footed with such surprise.

The Saxon counter-attack!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Clash at Sippitz Bridge, 1812 - Part 2 (Blucher BatRep)

Here is part two to my SOLO battle using the Blucher rules. If you missed part one, click the link below to have a read of that first :)

Clash at Sippitz Bridge, PART 1

Blood at Sippitz Bridge...

(Rules Note: the colored chips represent objective markers in this battle. The blue ones show French control, while the white represent Russian control.)

The fighting at the bridge was intense. Four Russian brigades - including Hussar, musketeers, and grenadiers - pushed forward at what seemed all cost. All around the bridge, Russian columns entered the river and engaged the French. One dramatic moment was to the French left portion of the bridge defense. The French had moved a brigade of infantry to a strong position atop a small hill overlooking the Russian crossing point. These Russians were slowed by the efforts of a small brigade of Hussars who engaged the enemy cavalry making the crossing. Although doing little damage, it did slow the advance. Those brave lads would then withdraw beyond the hill, well out of sight of the Russian advance. All was well, the time bought allowed the French to take up a strong defended position upon the slopes.

Intense fighting around Sippitz bridge. The Russian columns cross the river and assault the flanks of the bridge.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Clash at Sippitz Bridge, 1812 - Part 1 (Blucher BatRep)

I had some free time tonight to do some more demo games of Blucher, and so far it is a blast. Very impressed by how well the rules play, and the feel of a Napoleonic battle it provides. Of course, I am playing this one out solo again. Also, I am using 3 cm BW for this battle, played on a 2' x 3' area. Hope to get some bigger unit battles in later when I am more use to the rules. For now this is perfect for testing out the rules.

A grand look at the forces deployed. French are the defender holding the BLUE markers; Russians hold
the single white objective.