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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Random Thoughts on Napoleonic Rules

(NOTE: Random thoughts alert! I am writing this way too early in the morning for me.)

For anyone that follows my other blogs - or YouTube channel - you will know that the Napoleonic period is new to me in terms of wargaming. Not that I am new to the history, as new to collecting and fighting battles on the tabletop. However, I did read quite a few rules sets back in the day, such as WRG 1685 rules, Napoleon, Napoleon's Campaigns in Miniature, Empire V, Tricolor, etc. I even played a few battles with my 1:72 scale plastic toy soldiers. However, this exposure led me to believe that I would never be able to afford all the real painted -up minis the period seemed to suggest I needed. I mean, back in those days you needed hundreds upon hundreds of painted miniatures to fully appreciate the era. The research was no big deal, although that could also be somewhat intimidating.

My growing collection of 10mm Napoleonics.

As time went by, I soon got distracted by other periods, and other rules. Now a days I am a big fan of WW II history and wargaming, as well as another long time favorite of mine, ancients! Such wonderful periods to collect and play. However, it wasn't until I explored the wonderful scale of 10mm miniatures that I actually considered going back to that wonderful horse & musket era we call Napoleonics!. Oh boy!

I have been madly painting and collecting my new found love - 10mm miniatures - for the armies of France and Russia during the 1812 invasion of Russia. While doing this I have also been looking deeply at a whole slew of rules sets currently on the market. Surprisingly, I have found very few that stand out for me. Keep in mind, wargaming to me is a very personal thing. I have my likes, and my dislikes, which you may agree with or not. Doesn't really matter since this is my hobby, as much as it is yours. We all have our own likes and dislikes, and that's all well and good.

A mass of French on the march!

The rules that do stand out for me at the moment are General de Brigade - it has the tactical old school feel of Napoleonic battle, Blucher - because of its really well written, easy to play, and grand flavor I like -, and  Black Powder - due to its simple nature and "tool-box" like usefulness. There are a few others I can see myself playing as well, or at least having a go with just out of curiosity: Lasalle, Elan Deluxe, R&E, and Napoleon's Battles IV. I am still not fully convinced on any of these rules except for the three I first mentioned above.


One thing I also intend to do is try out all those old sets of rules I explored in my early days of wargaming - like WRG 1685, and Tricolor. Why? Because of the nostalgia, if nothing else. I have heard good things about some of these rules, and some folks still play these rules to this day! Says a lot about them to be sure. But for me, it is more about going back to a time when I thought I would never be able to afford the massive collection I am working on today. Back to a time when I would read these rules sets and just dream... and dream. Now, here I am, and I can actually play these rules! Imagine that?!? Ahhh... dreams do come true, now don't they?!

BatReps to follow! Onwards my friends.


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