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Monday, November 9, 2015

Cannon, Flags, and Hussars... oh my!

Well, I finally got my two batteries of Russian cannon based up. They look pretty damn good if you ask me. The only thing I did a little different on these guys was painting the bases a little darker brown than I usually do - I prefer the lighter earth tone. However, they do actually stand out a little bit. Perhaps this is a good thing as being able to distinguish these guys from the French is kind of important in this scale - 10mm. Anyway, I am quite happy regardless.

The Russian hussars were a pain. It wasn't until I had them all painted up that I realized from speaking with some friends and doing a little research that I realized the hussars shouldn't have a flag in their regiment. I ended up painting up an extra trooper to fill in for the said flag. Not a big deal with this size miniature really. At this point I am sitting here waiting for the wash to dry before applying a de-shine to them and texturing the bases up.

I now have two units of Russian grenadiers waiting to be painted up this week Almost 100 models altogether. I have to remember to get all my research done on these little guys before going any further in the painting. I don't want to make the same mistake I did with the hussars.

Anyway, I must say it is a fun ride - this Napoleonic ride I am on. After all these years of being in the hobby, to finally look at my own little growing collection of models is a fantastic feeling. I am very eager to try out a bunch of different rules, including the classic WRG rules from days gone by.


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