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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Just Made Some Dice Pods!

The other day I spent some time making some little "dice pods"; small 20mm bases textured with a pocket to hold a small micro-die. Handy to say the least! I can use these little gems with most of the rules I play, including L'Art de la Guerre, Black Powder, GdB, and Blucher. Although I am no fan of blatant markers on the tabletop, I can't deny the usefulness of these little guys. Perhaps I will make some with casualty models on tem, or broken wagon wheels, etc. For the moment these work just fine.

The little 5mm sized dice fit snuggly in the "pod" so they won't get lost.

Different colors of dice work perfect. I also like the bases being flat/square so that they fit along side units.

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