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Friday, July 22, 2016

The Saxons on Parade!

Finally finished off my first regiment of Saxon infantry on a 1:5-8 figure to men scale. Quite big units I must say. Like the Russians, the infantry companies are mounted on the bigger 4cm frontage bases; four companies to the battalion. Keep in mind I have not included a fifth grenadier company for either battalion in the regiment - at least not at the moment. This is mainly due to the fact I just don't have any proper figure to represent them. Unfortunately, the Old Glory "Allied" elite infantry pack does not include the shako with tall plume! Of course, the grenadiers have such a tall plume. So, it looks like I have to buy another pack of elites, this time with a proper shako.

The Saxons so far. Note the battery of Saxon med. field guns deployed to flank.

I also painted up some third-rank skirmishers for the regiment as well - only two stands, which is equal to a single platoon in General de Brigade rules. So, I still need to paint up some more of these. Note that these men are basically "line" troops pulled from the battalion - not proper light troops like the French voltigeurs.

A platoon of third-rankers deployed as skirmishers.

I have been asked how I am representing my units in General de Brigade, in terms of figure scale and mounting. Basically, I use the 15mm scale basing system described in the GdB rules (p. 9). However, since I am using 10mm scale figures I am actually able to get more models on a base. In my case, I am fitting two to three times the normal amount of models on a base, including adding a third rank! This equates to about a figure to man scale of 1:5-8. This look awesome, not to mention realistic. Such is the benefit of using 10mm scale miniatures. Of course, when I am actually playing a battle with GdB, I still count each base as holding the proper number of 15mm scale miniatures - I ignore the fact I have all those extra models on the base. So, in the case of my Saxons, each base counts as eight models in two ranks during play.

The 1st and 2nd battalions of the Prinz Anton regiment.

In other news, I still have my 10mm scale trees and some Blucher trays awaiting completion. I plan on getting an order out to LITKO soon for some more properly sized wooden bases so I can continue the project. For the moment, I have these still to be finished. This of course means I will be holding off my next battle using my beloved Blucher rules. Not to worry, I have some games of Black Powder planned for the next few weeks. :)

Some Black Powder scenario action on the way! :)

Speaking of Black Powder, I am currently working up some army lists for the 1812-1815 campaigns for these rules. This is the kind of stuff I love doing, as it involves a bit of research and referencing. I may post these up to the blog when I am done with a preliminary listing. I plan on maintaining this list as I expand it over the years. Will be fun. Interested in seeing such a list?

The French advance in strength. Note the Saxon brigade to the rear.

The might of imperial Russa advances on the French.

The Prinz Anton regiment parades past the great Napoleon I.
After a long day of parade! :()

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  1. They look great buddy, researching the army lists sounds like a really useful and interesting project. I look forward to seeing them.

    1. Thanks, Ian. Been working on them for some time now. I'll see what I can do. :() Talk soon,


  2. The mass of 10mm troops in general and your Saxons in particular are very pleasing.
    Why not post your Army List?

  3. Your 10mm units certainly look the part. Look forward to some Blackpowder reports

    1. Thanks Sgt. Had a few test games working on my lists. So far very productive - and fun. Should have a game up soon :()