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Friday, June 3, 2016

Some Blucher Action, and Napoleon Arrives!

Had my first game of Blucher after a long while. This game however was played out on Google+ Hangouts - basically Skype, except made public. I did not actually "play" in the battle - I was the host. Five friends made up the opposing commanders for the French and the Russians. Was a blast as well as a good experience in multi-player gaming using the Blucher rules. Needless to say, I will be looking more in depth at using these rules in multi-player games online. A three part video of the battle, check out part one at the bottom of this post. Note we made use of the Scharnhorst campaign rules to set-up the fight. If you like, check out the rest of the battle on A Dash of Élan YouTube channel.

I have done a large number of these Live Plays on Hangouts already. In fact, I love it so much I will be upgrading my webcam shortly in order to improve video quality. Stay tuned for that if you enjoy these videos.

In other news I have just completed the command stands for Napoleon and Kutuzov! I must say, I am quite pleased with how they came out. I even added a figure for Napoleon's Mameluke body guard, Roustam Raza.

Napoleon's command base.

Roustam Raza

Kutuzov's command base.
Next up on the painting desk I have another battalion of Russian musketeers to get done. One good thing is I already have the command models already painted up - product of my re-basing a few weeks back. In addition, I also just put out an order for Pavlov grenadiers which will soon be making themselves known. In addition, some much needed French infantry and horse artillery units - for both sides in this case, are also on the way. Ahhh... the fun of collecting new models :)

As for gaming, I am actually looking forward to having a go with another round of Black Powder. Yes, I do so love GdB, but it will definitely be a while before my collection has some more variety and size before I can put on some bigger battles. Same could be true of BP, but I do get an extra unit or two on the table with these rules. BP is a fun quick game. We shall see.

Anyway, that's about it for this update. Not much really. School is keeping me occupied to be sure, save for the odd game session here and there. So enjoy the video and please leave comments. Until next time my friends...


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