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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

GdB, and Some Painting Progress

Haven't played a game in a while now - not since my Blucher BatRep I did over on YouTube. However, I have been reading up on the General de Brigade (GdB) rules. Although I am not new to the system I have never really sat and read through the rules. SO far I am very impressed. Although somewhat complex in certain areas, it has a very Napoleonic feel to it - nothing generic about these rules! As to be expected really. Coupled with the fact the rules are of a tactical nature, they could quite easily become my "go to" set of rules for Napoleonics! GDB is now on my list of games to play next - working on setting up a BatRep as I speak in fact.

I also finally finished off another unit of Cossacks, not to mention the four French limbers. I tried texturing the bases of the Cossacks a little different this time around. Instead of hiding the models bases with spackle/joint compound I tried using a mix of PVA white glue with some sand/grit mixed in. not a new method in the hobby, but a method I myself never really tried. I made a relatively thick paste from this. When thick enough I covered the bases with a good layer of it, hiding the bases of the models and adding some natural looking texture to the wood bases they sat on. Not too bas in the end - it dried very quickly and didn't lose shape. A few hours later I was able to finish the bases off completely with various flocks. I liked the results overall and I didn't have to wait too long to finish off the bases entirely. I will be using this method in the future whenever I don't have my trusted spackle.

Fresh Anti-shine came in to finish off my Cossacks. I also picked up some
blue/white dice for my French :)

A look at the limbers and Cossacks after giving them a wash/dip.

The completed French limbers along with some guns and extra crew. The limbers turned out really well and I plan on making lots more for both sides in the 1812-14 campaigns.
The Cossacks also turned out well. The PVA/sand mix worked out really well for texturing the bases. The four closes in the picture are the newest additions

Next up on the work table, I will be putting together some ideas for the camp I am planning - see my earlier post. I already have the (very) thin card I will be using for the various tents. But I also want some other bits as well, such as musket stacks, camp-fires, wagons, etc. So I may have to look around a bit more.
For painting, I will definitely be working on some more Russian cavalry. At the moment I have another unit of heavy cavalry and perhaps some more hussar. The French will be getting some units of Swiss as well! I am really looking forward to adding some red-coated infantry to the otherwise sea of blue & white.

Until net time my friends...

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