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Friday, January 8, 2016

The Quest Continues...

Played a lot of Blucher over the past few weeks. I have to admit that it is truly a great game. An excellent balance between realism and playability; simulation and fun! Even though I have been playing other games off an on, I keep coming back to Sam Mustafa's awesome set of rules. I highly recommend Blucher if you have yet to give it a go.

In other news, I will be spending a little more time on Black Powder over the coming weeks. Already I have been building my army lists and scenarios I want to try. I have played these rules a few times now already, but have yet to sit down and have a real battle. So, this has become my focus for the month. Expect to see some BatReps/AAR's soon, as well as plenty of pics of my soldiers in action :)
All in all I am quite happy with my foray in Napoleonics. The 10mm scale is absolutely grand. They paint up fast and look fantastic. No turning back for me now!
Here are a few pics from my recent battles, including some awesome battles with the Tabletop Commanders on Google+ Hangouts. Always great fun.

The quest to find my "go to" rules for Napoleonics continues, with Blucher  in a dominating lead. Stay tuned for more good stuff

Russians and French go at it over on Google+ Hangouts. In this case me and Vince - and all the other TtC's -
square off using the Scharnhorst rules to set this battle up.

Ney, on a white horse to the left, leads an assault on a Russian defended hill. Ney would take that hill.

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